ISH Council

President: A.E. Schutte (South Africa)

Vice-President: F. Charchar (Australia)

Secretary: T. Unger (Netherlands)

Treasurer: M. Schlaich (Australia)

Officer-at-large: R. Wainford (USA)

Immediate Past President: N. Poulter (UK)

Chair, ISH Women in Hypertension Committee: M. Steckelings (Denmark)

Chair, Communications Committee: D. Burger (Canada)

Chair, Research, Science and Education Committee: C. Borghi (Italy)



R. Castillo (Philippines)
M.C. Cho (South Korea)
S. Ito (Japan)
H. Itoh (Japan)
N. Khan (Canada)
Y. Kokubo (Japan)
D. Prabhakaran (India)
A. Ramirez (Argentina)
G. Stergiou (Greece)
M. Tomaszewski (UK)
B. Williams (UK)



D. Lackland (USA) WHL Representative
L. Landsberg (USA) Board of Management of the Journal of Hypertension
L.H. Lindholm (Sweden) Hypertension News
T. Morgan (Australia) APSH Representative
E. Agabiti Rosei (Italy) ESH Representative